Jun 26, 2015

What is HIIT, get lean lose fat get toned!

My Go To Method HIIT ( High, Intensity, Interval Training ) is an extremely effective way of conditioning and shaping your body It’s pretty much my […]
Sep 12, 2015

I went to MacDonolds

Yep, I went to MacDonolds, don’t worry I didn’t eat there, this time! Not because of what it is ( we all know it’s rubbish ) […]
Mar 12, 2019

Basic Whole Body Machine Workout

Heres an example of a whole body machine workout that’s suitable for most beginners to intermediates. The warm up / preperation section still includes bodyweigh and […]
Aug 28, 2015

Drop your shit

…And the fat will take care of it’s self!! Traveling into work today got me thinking about something I can’t help but want to explore this. […]
Jul 28, 2016

Healthy Means Results

If you want to increase your productivity, have a better chance of feeling great, lose the odd KG of fat, look better on the beach and in […]
Sep 7, 2014

How do I lose fat?

Don’t starve yourself…. Fatter! When your energy and mood is crashing it’s an indication that you need to eat real food! Don’t just fill the gap […]