Jan 22, 2019

Men Leading by Example

I enjoyed speaking on how I believe that the health and fitness industry is contributing to the increasing cases of toxic masculinity. This whole Alpha male […]
Jun 26, 2015

Sunscreen Makes You Fat & Sick

There’s nothing better than sunshine to make you feel better! However, if you are slapping on a load of suntan lotion this summer, you may want […]
Nov 1, 2017

Do You Want Shortcuts

Transcribed Audio: Who doesn’t want shortcuts? I know I do, I look for shortcuts in every way. Whether it be… even preparing meals, I look to […]
Feb 18, 2013

The Negative Perfectionist

So, you’re aiming to be a perfectionist? How much do you want it, is that enough? Blar blar blar…..! Are you not tired of this message, of […]
Mar 12, 2019

Basic Whole Body Workout

Heres an example of a whole body workout using body weight, free weights and machine exercises. Please note:The YouTube links below open a new tab.If you […]
Apr 15, 2016

Are you too hard on yourself?

I’ve been hard on myself!…… I used to look in the mirror and be so critical of what I saw. I was always too small; I […]