Jun 26, 2015

What is HIIT, get lean lose fat get toned!

My Go To Method HIIT ( High, Intensity, Interval Training ) is an extremely effective way of conditioning and shaping your body It’s pretty much my […]
Jan 1, 2013

3 Simple Transformation Tips

Tip 1: Take a before picture, study it and focus on the parts of you that you like. Focus on whats good! Make a note of […]
Feb 4, 2013

The Pace of Life

Caffeine maybe your instant pick-me-up of choice, but it’s wrecking your health and causing fat resistance. Use with caution. The constant high pressured pace of life […]
Jun 15, 2010


Being Focused & Motivated doesn’t always come naturally to everyone. Having an structured, individualised designed exercise program, can help keep you motivated and focused. Turning up […]
Nov 8, 2017


Sep 7, 2014

How do I lose fat?

Don’t starve yourself…. Fatter! When your energy and mood is crashing it’s an indication that you need to eat real food! Don’t just fill the gap […]