Could these 13 Health and Fitness Myths and Misconceptions be stopping you from getting Lean, Toned, Fitter and Healthier?

Changing your body involves upgrading many aspects of your life.
All of which need to work together. From your diet, rest, exercise, stress reductions, to supplementation and mindset.

Don’t let Myths and Misconceptions hold you back from achieving your potential.

Like any pursuit, I know it’s blatantly obvious for me to state, that there can be a steep learning curve to discovering what works for you.
No more so does that apply than to creating better health, energy, and vitality!

My personal and precessional experience has demonstrated this can take many years of sifting through all the information, and even then, there are so many variables, it makes it challenging to identify what contributed to your progression and what doesn’t.

How would you like to cut through the noise and confusion?

Can you afford to waste time trying out all the fad diets and exciting new exercise plans?

NO, I didn’t think so!

I’ve been researching, applying and refining health and body transformation techniques personally since the 1990s and professionally since 2006, which just so happens to be when I conceived

Many Myths and Misconceptions will cause you confusion, setbacks, and delays.

Here, a list of myths and misconceptions I’ve heard over the years.
I think these could save you lots of wasted time and confusion.

1Exercising means you can eat more of what you want.
( partially true, but misleading )
Have you heard of the phrase “You can’t out-train a poor diet? Exercise does cause the body to access, mobiles and utilise body fat but for some, believing they can eat what they want leads them to eat crap, not quality.
If you eat quality food, your body has less rubbish to excrete and better building blocks to build quality cells.
2Cheat days keep you sane!
( misleading )
Cheat days are days when people come off their so-called “eating clean diet.”
It’s not about dieting and restriction; it’s about knowing how to upgrade your foods, learn to choose better versions of everything you eat.
For instance, you can eat raw chocolate as part of your everyday nutritious eating plan.
It best if you don’t drown your sorrows in a pot of Ben and Jerries.
3Eating clean is the only way
( misleading )
For the majority; this should mean sticking to eating healthy nutritious foods, that are not processed.
However, some believe it means eating low fat and not using condiments, such as dressings and sauces, which leads them to eat low-grade foods such as turkey slices and tins of tuna.
Not only is this anything but healthy, but turkey slices are a poor source of protein and full of preservatives and flavor enhancers, while tined tuna can contain mercury and other metals.
So quality food sources matter, no need to stick to low fat, bland meals. Healthy versions of dressings and sauces can be simply made.
You’re not on world war two rations!
4The harder I work in the gym, the faster I get results
( partially true )
Mainly correct for those that can recover sufficiently from the body being broken during their workouts and for those that can also balance this with their everyday lifestyle demands.

The whole smash yourself up in the gym mindset is used by those that are either young, full of beans or those that haven’t crashed yet.

Moreover, don’t underestimate there are numerous “influencers” that have the luxury of a “Fit and Healthy Lifestyle” that is sponsored in some way.
5Abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym.
( partially true, but misleading )
This saying is pointing to the fact that its the food you eat that gives you visible abs Your abs are visible mainly when you are at low levels of body fat.

If you want to sustain lower levels of body fat, you need the be able to balance a healthy nutritious diet, while lowering stress levels and making sure you can detox effectively. However, it helps if you built set abdominals in the first place.
6Stop eating saturated fats
( not at all true )
It’s the fake fats, such as hydrogenated fats that are made from partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, that you need to stop eating.

These are the fats your body doesn’t recognise.
Fake fats are often much more challenging for your body to utilise and have been known to go straight into fat storage until such a time you can safely excrete them.

Eat whole real and organic fat sources to be sure.
7You either have the potential or not
( not true )
This points to the belief that our genetics are already determined, and there’s nothing we can do to change their expression.
Its the whole mindset of “if you keep healthy you may not get it!”
The idea of a set/fixed genetic potential is an untrue concept at best. Epigenetic is proving we have much more control and influences over our true potential and expression.
So start thinking about what you want and bring that into reality instead!
8Just drink more water to get hydrated
( misleading )
Plastic bottled water doesn’t hydrate you; it just washes out your gut, producing expensive pee.
If you genuinely want to hydrate, ultra clean, structured water will do it.
9HIIT training is the best way to lose body fat
( misleading )
Being healthy is the best way to lose body fat.
There are lots of people out there that exercise very intensively multiple times a week, yet they are still holding onto body fat because they are stressed and unwell.
Build better health and reduce inflammation. That will make shedding body fat much easier.
10Counting calories and sticking to your macros will get you in shape
( misleading )
Getting in shape is about nutrients assimilation and health, not your calory intake. You need to consume nutrients dense foods to be healthy, fit and lean.
Otherwise, you could go and eat a load of Nando’s, pizza and Nutella and still be lean. Oh yeah, there are lots of people still do that. With this approach, the damage is done, it’s only a matter of time until it catches up with them.
Eating low nutrient foods won’t build sustainable health and vitality.
11I'm holding on to fat because I overeat
( misleading )
The most important things to consider when trying to reduce body fat and stay lean is food selections, reducing food sensitivities and increasing your ability to detox.
Your food choices must be as natural and organic as possible to avoid toxins and pesticides.
You would also do well to carry out a food sensitivity test to identify reactive and inflaming foods.
Reducing lifestyle and environmental stress will also help you reduce body fat.
12Its all about the calories I burn in the gym
( partially correct)
Exercising does stimulate the utilisation of stored fat for energy. However, this doesn’t happen during a workout, it occurs from the overall effects of the session.
So its the combined impact of stimulating your metabolism during the workout and how long your metabolism is fired up afterward by the need to recover and repair.
13What's good for them must be good for me
( one f the biggest misconceptions going )
You can’t copy one/just a few aspects of what someone does and expect the same results.
Do you sleep as deep and as long as they do?
Could your schedule be more demanding than theirs?
Do you have less time for eating, recovery, and exercising?

In other words, you can’t have their body unless you also have their lifestyle, diet, demands and free time.

Oh and maybe a butler and a personal chef could help.

What Myths and Misconception are keeping you stuck?

How about we start a convocation, cut through the crap to speed up your progression?

If you have anything to add, please leave a comment below.
I’m more than happy to reply, adapt and include what you say.

Disclaimer: This post isn’t meant to be an exhaustive list.
What’s listed here may evolve as needs must.

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