Mar 29, 2019

Getting in shape and being healthy is easy

Getting in shape and being healthy is easy Getting in shape and being healthy isn’t hard, it also shouldn’t be intimidating, exhausting or run you into […]
Jul 4, 2018

Why Knowledge Becomes Wisdom

There is so much information available with just a few clicks, we are all capable of becoming knowledgeable in any subject. The question is when does […]
Mar 7, 2018

Need or Want

Your underlying motivation to changing the state of your health, building strength or feeling more confident body wise makes all the difference to whether you can […]
Feb 15, 2018

Terms and Techniques

Jan 7, 2018

The Curse Of Comparing

Is their life REALLY better than yours? Do they have more of what you want? Is it BETTER than yours? Are they having the time of […]
Jan 2, 2018


I see lots of people get lost along the way. Gary Vaynerchuk recently said in one of his Instagram posts: we ( you ) are lost […]
Dec 18, 2017

Health & Bitcoins

Is your health like bitcoins and the other cryptocurrencies, going through the roof at the moment, Likewise, it also can dip quite rapidly too? If you […]
Nov 9, 2017

Guaranteed Results

The most successful way I have found to get results is to get clear from the get-go. However, results can’t possibly be guaranteed, because it’s unpredictable to […]