Build Better Health

Get Leaner With Less Effort

Are you Uncomfortable, Unconfident and Down about the Way You Look and Feel?

The fatter I got, the more alienated and depressed I became.
I look back now and realise it was a valuable experience, It helps me be compassionate about where people are at,
and at the same time makes me determined to create lasting change for others too.

My coaching journey started in April of 2006, since then I've been fortunate to work with some great people. They all had two things in common,
the determination to change and the need for a personalised approach.

All you need to decide for yourself right NOW is,
Are you reading this because you are willing and determined to take action and put in the work needed?
Or are you just looking for more free advice that you also won't apply or value?

Becoming a Health Coach & Personal Trainer enabled me to be able to channel my valuable experiences to help others achieve their potential.

I use a combination of intelligent training, holistic nutritional and lifestyle changes that are individualised by getting to know you.

Changing your body is easy!
Keeping it that way and continuing to make improvements is the challenging bit.

We are all seduced by shortcuts Fast results often lead to you slipping back to where you started.
Speed means cutting corners
At FeelingAmazing one our core values are Clarity!

The Start Of Something Good

The health and fitness industry has changed a lot since 2000 when I first started my quest for more knowledge on how to build better health and change the way I felt in my own skin

Once I had experienced my personal transformation, I decided to I qualified as a Personal Trainer in 2006. Helping others overcome health, body issues and injury rehabilitation has been my full-time career and passion since then.

To date, I’ve trained CEO’s, Directors, City Professionals, Semi-Professional Athletes, Actors, Surgeons and Nurses,
all of whom had one thing in common; The way they looked and felt was HOLDING THEM BACK.

By increasing awareness around their lifestyle habits and exercise choices, I've been able to make dramatic changes time and time again.

I understand how busy life can get, it can feel overwhelming to make changes because you don't know where to start.

Its especially difficult if you have been stopping and starting, which can make you despondent causing you to give up.

Even though you have a busy professional life, there are still mean of helping you get the results you want.

My Personal Lessons!

My body transformation taught me a lot of very valuable lessons;

How you feel is critical to how you look. If you feel depressed about yourself, it's very hard to even contemplate change.

Most people give up because they are overwhelmed by the conflicting information and end up thinking it's down to them
because they have tried so many different things that haven't worked.

Your health is much more predictable if you take control.
The natural peaks and drops in your health and body shape changes can make it hard to keep you motivated and as you zigzag through life.
Are you going to accepting the cards you have been dealt,
Or are you willing to START MAKING CHANGE?

I’m here to tell you that there's lots of bullshit in the health and fitness industry;
there's no magic pill, just determination, persistence and hard work.
Unless you are willing to make changes now, then vibrant health and the confidence you deserve is always going to be unattainable.

When you are young, you can get away with neglecting your health.
You can blast yourself in the gym, eat poorly and still look fantastic if you're lucky.

So you have a choice, you can either take note and action now
or gamble your health and untimely your happiness away.

I believe personal success in all areas of your life can be improved with better health.
So if you would like to be held accountable for actions, so you ultimately achieve results.
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Health isn't the New wealth; it's the ORIGINAL!

  • Spencer West - Kinesiologist (ASK)
    Nigel really helped me link up muscle groups, target and strengthen specific weak muscles and develop those exercises all within an hour. It has improved my core strength lots, helped my posture and given me the grounding to develop my leg strength quicker, I’ve already booked more sessions with Nigel!
    Spencer West - Kinesiologist (ASK)
  • Ebele – London
    Personal Training with Nigel really got me thinking about my own training. Its is to easy to go to the gym thinking that you are keeping fit, but not necessary getting the best out of your time training. Thanks for your advice regarding my back Nigel, I will definitely be using you again in the future!
    Ebele – London
  • Shar
    Training regularly with Nigel has improved my overall well-being, increased my strength and stamina and enabled me to set and achieve targets beyond my expectation. I fractured my arm in a skiing accident; with Nigel’s help my confidence was regained quickly, helping me on to a full recovery. His ease of manner has created a good rapport and made the sessions really enjoyable. This in turn has built the trust necessary to push me beyond my boundaries.
    Business Change Consultant
  • Anna Reilly
    Even just a few sessions with Nigel (so far) has paid absolute dividends with regards to my fitness and confidence. His holistic approach and cheery enthusiasm make for inspiring (yet quite tough!) condensed sessions which provide motivation, making me want to do more and push myself further, for longer. He shakes up the program regularly to ensure I’m not bored and continue to challenge myself. It’s the surefire way to get results. His advice and support following significant damage to my knee after an accident has been invaluable and I’m now running again, with stronger knees and a better running style. His dietary advice was simple, easy to understand and very effective. All in all, to anyone considering a PT – Nigel is first rate trainer and helps you to understand your body and it’s movement and workings a lot better which really is the key to effective and enjoyable training. Hurray for Nigel!
    Anna Reilly
    Senior Clinical Physiologist (Neurophysiology)
  • Liz Hand (the other side of 50)
    As I complete yet another 6 week PT program with Nigel after an absence of nearly a year I feel re-energized and enthusiastic about taking over control of my own regular training, thanks to his commitment and understanding of my goals. Nigel delivers more than just a work-out during our 45 min sessions twice a week, he shares his wealth of “well-being” knowledge and provides absolute focus on my needs. He has worked with me through a long and painful shoulder problem and for the first time in over 12 months I can now really enjoy rebuilding strength in my upper body. His sessions are hugely varied, challenging and can be instantly adopted especially given the benefit of focus on core stability and posture. I now walk taller and can challenge myself to get the best from my own training. Skiing had never been easier after my previous sessions & this time I have significantly increased my overall energy levels. I will now make use of Nigel’s expertise to check back in regularly on my own progress and will not think twice to re-inject another series of sessions if I feel myself slipping or need further motivation. Nigel lives up to his claims and delivers as a great partner.
    Liz Hand (the other side of 50)
    Management Consultant
  • Elizabeth Stevens
    Nigel has been a holistic trainer; he has not only given me sound training around loosing weight, toning, strengthening muscles but he has also offered invaluable advice around my long term dietary needs and overall emotional health. His sound knowledge, patients and warm people skills have really rendered my early morning workouts a real and welcoming wake up call! Highly recommend him as a personal trainer and positively inspiring coach.
    Elizabeth Stevens
  • Neil
    It’s not easy being taken properly through exercises. But not easy was exactly what I wanted and Nigel is very skilled and precise PT. He is a nice guy too and a very good listener. Top chap!
  • Kealie
    Excellent advice……. I've had problems with my eczema since I was a little girl and Nigel recommended I make some small changes to my diet which has improved my skin vastly within just a week! I enjoy my training sessions as I am able to take away with me simple but extremely effective exercises that I can practice at home as well as in the gym. Nigel is a great listener, very approachable and willing to go the extra mile to help achieve specific goals! A highly recommended P.T. Many thanks and keep up the good work!!!! :)
  • Arturo
    I do enjoy exercising but always found it difficult to lose weight, get reasonably fit and be constant without making horrible sacrifices. I thought it was time to turn to a personal trainer and since the beginning I could tell Nigel was going to make the difference. He not only asked about my physical activity habits and goals, but also about the ways I personally feel motivated and confident, and integrated this information in his advice. He is very understanding and friendly. Every session is dynamic, fun and varied and at the end I feel very energised and ready for work. He has also gradually helped me to improve my dietary habits. I do notice constructive change in my physical condition without having to stop enjoying the things I like. I am very happy and grateful that the gym staff recommended him. It is encouraging to see that even other trainers turn to him for professional advice.
    London ( Fitness First Bloomsbury )
  • Carmen
    I’m impressed how positive and optimistic Nigel is!

    It's amazing how much my body changed during the last 3 month since I’m working with Nigel, the shape of my body is much different and my muscles are much more toned. It feels like I discover a change in my body every day.
    I lost about 4 cm at my waist and other parts of my body are much slimmer. At work I now even wear gloves size S instead of M!

    I really like working with him, the sessions are never the same.
    Every session has at least one new exercise so it never gets boring and the next day I always have a little muscle ache that remains me that I had a good session the day before.

    I’m impressed how positive and optimistic Nigel is, definitely enough for the two of us.
    I hope one day his vision of my new me comes true.

    Nurse, Germany
  • Alex

    I have received and invaluable experience working with Nigel.

    I have learnt so much about my body and how to work with it than against it.
    I thought I was quite knowledgable in heath but Nigel has so much more for me to learn.
    I have been suffering with back pain for years and tried many different things to help but working with Nigel I have discovered some of the causes and ways to ease the pain and work to help improve the issues going forward.
    I have learnt a life plan not just a plan for a few months of training. Thanks

  • Krista

    I came to Nigel for some advice as I was having problems with my hips whilst exercising.

    He clearly demonstrated his thorough knowledge of the body and made me really motivated to practice the exercises he gave me.

    He made the session very personal and quickly identified any weaknesses I had.

    Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor at GymBox
  • Tom Glanfield

    As the CEO of one of the fastest growing recruitment companies in the UK, my health is important to me in order to keep clear focus and energised.

    Nigel is very particular about exercise form and the methods he applies to my session with him.
    In this respect I work closely with Nigel, his experience, expertise and passion for what he does shows!

    Tom Glanfield
    CEO - Lawrence Harvey Group (London)
  • Peter Wallace
    You leave the gym feeling stronger and healthier too.

    Working with Nigel, you look around at other trainers putting their customers through crazy exercises with big weights, strange positions and bulging veins.
    Then you look at what Nigel is teaching you - correct posture, correct breathing and the correct motion for you,
    after that any weight is heavy enough and you leave the gym feeling stronger and healthier too.
    Definitely the smartest trainer in my gym and helpful with advice even when he's not training you.
    Top guy!

    Peter Wallace
    Underwriter - London
  • Noelle
    Nigel is a very thoughtful and knowledgeable personal trainer.

    He tailors his sessions specifically to the needs of each individual.
    Very quickly in our first session Nigel honed in on the restricted movement I have in certain exercises and was able to identify some of the underlying principles as to why I was experiencing such restricted motion of movement.
    He was able to equip me with exercises and breathing techniques to help me realign some of the imbalances in my body.
    The training sessions were very considered, and I am truly grateful for the insights Nigel provided me.

  • Sophie H

    My sessions with Nigel helped me to understand the importance of correct form and technique, and that I could actually challenge myself as much, if not more, by focusing on these things rather than just trying to run fast or lift heavy.

    I was very impressed at how quickly and accurately he was able to identify my weaknesses, and teach me how to effectively correct these even just within the first session.

    I know that the things I'm learning will help me not only in improving my current strength and fitness levels, but also have positive impact on my long-term health and well-being.

    Sophie H
    Sales Manager GymBox
  • Lyanta Callender

    I found Nigel to be very thorough and attentive.
    I have been into fitness for a few years now and his in-depth analysis of my movement allowed Nigel to inform me of how I could improve my training and make my sessions more productive.

    Lyanta Callender
    WDMP - Traffic Manager
  • Mark Fox Andrew

    Sessions with Nigel have been very useful and appropriate for my age.
    I feel he approached what I wanted to achieve correctly and I have really enjoyed it!

    Mark Fox Andrew
  • Harry

    I'm feeling Lighter and Fitter!
    I've only had 4-5 sessions with Nigel and already feeling lighter, fitter, less stressed and I have more body shape showing!

  • Rowland

    Nigel has motivated me!
    There are improvements session after session and I feel parts of me are moving better! Nigel has helps you to see things in a different perspective and how thing are interconnect.

  • Melanie

    I lost a stone and I feel energised!
    Nigel has been training me for six weeks now and I have noticed amazing results.
    I'm much more toned, my fitness has improved and I have learned new exercises.
    Nigel ensures each session is different, give’s me nutrition advice and is also great person to talk to.
    The sessions are a real laugh – especially when we are boxing!

    Head of Sales - IFLR Events - Euromoney
  • Rupert
    Since training with Nigel I've lost a couple of stone ( 11kg ) The sessions help me keep up with my kids! I've stopped smoking and the session helped me stay fit for my kids and agile enough to keep up with them.
  • David Williams

    Nigel has helped me tremendously with achieving my fitness goals - I lost 18kg
    His motivation and insights have helped me understand the idea of overall fitness-strength, endurance, flexibility, and most importantly, healthy eating.
    I would recommend him to anyone who is serious about their own health and fitness.

    David Williams
    New York
  • Rita - Pennsylvania, USA
    Nigel is an inspired trainer. He has a sure knowledge of movement dynamics and muscle systems. He focuses intensely on his clients during their sessions, taking account of the big picture of the client’s movements and analysing parts of the movement in detail. In a way that is completely non-judgmental he’ll assess what the client can do, and he’ll reassess over time. He’s quick to perceive what needs correction, and he corrects on the spot, with precision and with clear explanations. He’s generous with his praise and sensitive with his corrections, but he is also unfailingly objective and honest, so that you can always know when you are doing something right and when you are on the wrong track with a movement. He’s amazingly creative on the floor, combining familiar exercises with new ones, or simple movements with more complex ones, so that the client can chart his or her own progress over time. He makes the progress interesting: not just more reps of this or heavier weights of that, but ever new combinations of machines, free weights, and core and balancing exercises, so that the client has a constant sense of discovery and even surprise. He’s inventive on the spot: if a machine or piece of equipment isn't available at one moment, he’ll improvise and create a more challenging alternative.
    Rita - Pennsylvania, USA