Build Better Health

Get Leaner With Less Effort

Are you Uncomfortable, Unconfident and Down about the Way You Look and Feel?

The fatter I got, the more alienated and depressed I became.
I look back now and realise it was a valuable experience, It helps me be compassionate about where people are at,
and at the same time makes me determined to create lasting change for others too.

My coaching journey started in April of 2006, since then I've been fortunate to work with some great people. They all had two things in common,
the determination to change and the need for a personalised approach.

All you need to decide for yourself right NOW is,
Are you reading this because you are willing and determined to take action and put in the work needed?
Or are you just looking for more free advice that you also won't apply or value?

Becoming a Health Coach & Personal Trainer enabled me to be able to channel my valuable experiences to help others achieve their potential.

I use a combination of intelligent training, holistic nutritional and lifestyle changes that are individualised by getting to know you.

Changing your body is easy!
Keeping it that way and continuing to make improvements is the challenging bit.

We are all seduced by shortcuts Fast results often lead to you slipping back to where you started.
Speed means cutting corners
At FeelingAmazing one our core values are Clarity!

The Start Of Something Good

The health and fitness industry has changed a lot since 2000 when I first started my quest for more knowledge on how to build better health and change the way I felt in my own skin

Once I had experienced my personal transformation, I decided to I qualified as a Personal Trainer in 2006. Helping others overcome health, body issues and injury rehabilitation has been my full-time career and passion since then.

To date, I’ve trained CEO’s, Directors, City Professionals, Semi-Professional Athletes, Actors, Surgeons and Nurses,
all of whom had one thing in common; The way they looked and felt was HOLDING THEM BACK.

By increasing awareness around their lifestyle habits and exercise choices, I've been able to make dramatic changes time and time again.

I understand how busy life can get, it can feel overwhelming to make changes because you don't know where to start.

Its especially difficult if you have been stopping and starting, which can make you despondent causing you to give up.

Even though you have a busy professional life, there are still mean of helping you get the results you want.

My Personal Lessons!

My body transformation taught me a lot of very valuable lessons;

How you feel is critical to how you look. If you feel depressed about yourself, it's very hard to even contemplate change.

Most people give up because they are overwhelmed by the conflicting information and end up thinking it's down to them
because they have tried so many different things that haven't worked.

Your health is much more predictable if you take control.
The natural peaks and drops in your health and body shape changes can make it hard to keep you motivated and as you zigzag through life.
Are you going to accepting the cards you have been dealt,
Or are you willing to START MAKING CHANGE?

I’m here to tell you that there's lots of bullshit in the health and fitness industry;
there's no magic pill, just determination, persistence and hard work.
Unless you are willing to make changes now, then vibrant health and the confidence you deserve is always going to be unattainable.

When you are young, you can get away with neglecting your health.
You can blast yourself in the gym, eat poorly and still look fantastic if you're lucky.

So you have a choice, you can either take note and action now
or gamble your health and untimely your happiness away.

I believe personal success in all areas of your life can be improved with better health.
So if you would like to be held accountable for actions, so you ultimately achieve results.
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Health isn't the New wealth; it's the ORIGINAL!