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April 22, 2016
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June 10, 2016
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Train Intelligently, Get Results without Injury

Not getting results can be frustrating,
I’ve trainer for well over 20 years,
so I know that the frustration of not getting results,
can drive you to extream methods of training.
Methods that can cause depressing setbacks or injuries that you may never fully recover from.

To this day I still have to work around these self-induced unfortunate mistakes I made years ago.
I just wish I had known what I do now.

Frustration quite often leads to the mindset that more is better.
Hence why some many people experienced overtraining and fatigue.

Which also can have a long term if not permanent consequence on you achieving and maintaining your results.

Everyone is fixated on training hard, which is, of course, a given if you want to get results.
However very rarely is intelligence training considered in today’s results-driven programs.

So if you are not getting the results you want,
it’s definitely worth your time seeking advice.

Or at lease take a moment to ask yourself;
Am I enjoying the process,
Am I getting out what I’m putting in?

If you can’t answer yes to those questions, it’s worth you questioning yourself whether you are currently Fatigued or Over training?

If you’re not totally sure,
Drop me a message.

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